To celebrate Brawl Stars’ 5th Anniversary, we created a fully interactive
digital CCTV Security Room that helped explain the backstory to the game.
In the room, players could watch 24-7 video footage that showed
Starr Park transform from a fun amusement park into an apocalyptic wasteland.

To enter the CCTV Security Room players had to discover a hidden security
camera icon that took them back in time to the year the park closed: 1995.

To tease the project we created a video denying the project’s existence.

In the footage, we hid animation revealing backstory explaining how the discovery of gems
changed the park patrons into insane brawlers.

We also created origin stories for their beloved characters.

We recorded 911 operator call voicemails that players could listen to
when they clicked on the flashing red light on the phone.

To help fans discover the animation drops hidden within the hours of video footage,
we hid timecodes in teaser videos that we released on Twitter.

Fans could go to the CCTV room and enter the hidden timecodes into the archives
to get sneak peaks of new animation drops before they were released.

The stories we created became permanent lore for Brawl Stars.
Some origin stories even became new character skins fans could purchase in-game. 

The project lasted 6 weeks and during that time we completely destroyed the park.

We ended the event on the 5th anniversary of the game in the most logical way:
with balloons, a slice of cake, and an evil dead-cacti spirit summoning.

CD: Chris Stephens & Joey Ianno
CLIENT: Supercell