We worked with local LA artists to create a neon billboard that reinterpreted Bulleit's iconic label and paid homage to neon and the culture of LA. It was the second in a series of collaborations entitled Frontier Works.

The piece went up in Grand Central Market, was written up in the LA Times, and became a permanent art installation. You can find it on Google Maps.


LA illustrator Brendan Donnelly and "Neon Queen" Lisa Schulte standing in front (for scale.)

We also worked with 24 LA tattoo artists to recreate Bulleit whiskey's iconic label.
Each artist tattooed their own 2 1/2 by 2 foot section, then we pieced them all together to create
the world's first tattooed leather billboard. It was featured on Adweek and Le Book.

We worked with California Sunday Magazine to create video content that featured each of the artists as well as a behind the scenes video of what it took to complete the final piece.


CW / AD: Chris Stephens, Michael Hagos
CD: Nate Naylor, Marco Kaye

BILLBOARD CW / AD: Chris Stephens, Michael Hagos, Kate Overholt
CD: Nick Kaplan, Nate Naylor